Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Standings Going Into Super Tuesday

Florida Points
Me 10
JJ 10
Devin 10
Matt 10
Joaquin 6
Geoff 4

New Standings (remember that everybody got 6 points for Obama's win in SC)
Joel 188
Devin 178.5
JJ 162.5
Geoff 116
Matt 114.5
Joaquin 85

Here's a reminder of how I proposed to do Feb. 5th picks. Since I didn't hear any objections when I originally posted my proposal, I hereby elevate that plan from doctrine into dogma (that makes my plan infallible).

Also, for the sake of ease, each party's picks will be worth 200 points. With at least those 400 points left on the board, everybody's still got a shot to win.

1 comment:

clark said...

so how many overall candidate picks do you need and how many for each state?