Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Don't Count Out Mike Huckabee

I know, I know, he's got no money. I also know that the delegate selections rules (in the Feb. 5th states, at least) tilt the playing field against him. Still, it's not totally crazy that he can win the nomination. Just look at the points Edwards scored as the noncombatant in last week's race war. OK, so it wasn't all that significant, but it was something. Tomorrow night we'll see Romney try to rhetorically crucify McCain at the Reagan library, and Huckabee can play the role of the adult in the room. I've got to think that any boost Huckabee would get from that kind of thing would come from Romney's pocket. If that can help him lock-up almost all of the Southern delegates, then he'll be in position to keep fighting. I'm not saying that anti-McCain Republicans will turn into pro-Huckabee Republicans, but he's got a shot to do that. The question would be, simply: will the Republicans revolt against the most unacceptable candidate (on the issues), or will they just revolt against John McCain? I do think that McCain is the overwhelming front-runner at this point, but there is still some intrigue going into Feb. 5th.

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