Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Giuliani Rapidly Losing Relevance

In the last three days of the Rasmussen tracking poll, Giuliani has dropped from 17% to 13% to 9% in today's poll. Keep in mind that each day's poll is actually an average of polls conducted over the previous four days, so Giuliani's 9% is probably far lower than that.

I guess I shouldn't be too hard on the Mayor. There are two new conflicting polls out of Florida. Both were done between Iowa and New Hampshire.

Insider Advantage, a firm that I'm not particularly fond of, shows the following numbers:
Giuliani 24%
Huckabee 19%
McCain 19%
Romney 13%
Thompson 8%
Paul 5%

Datamar has drastically different numbers:
Huckabee 24%
Romney 20%
McCain 18%
Giuliani 16%
Thompson 9%

Their Dem numbers are:
Clinton 40%
Obama 28%
Edwards 19%

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