Tuesday, January 15, 2008

First Call for Saturday Picks

This will be our first round of picks involving multiple states. It should be a fun twist. I'm calling for everyone's picks by the end of the day tomorrow. The Nevada Dem Caucus will be worth 27 points (18 for the winner and 9 for 2nd), because the only recent polling shows a three-way race. The polling also makes it impossible to call the Republican races in Nevada and South Carolina anything other than 4-way races. Therefore, each of those races will be worth 44 points (24 for 1st, 12 for 2nd, and 8 for 3rd). Here's what I need from each of you:

Top 2 Dems in Nevada (Point Values are 18-9)
Top 3 GOPers in Nevada (Point Values are 24-12-8)
Top 3 GOPers in South Carolina (Point Values are 24-12-8)

Please wait until tomorrow morning to send me your picks, because I haven't made up my own mind, yet. But don't forget to get them in tomorrow. Thanks.

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