Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Let's Watch Some Ads

Here's Fred's new ad:
Click to play

If he's trying to put the focus back on his Reagan-esque-i-ness, then this ad is spot-on.

We can presume that Dr. No will spend a good portion of yesterdays $4.2 million haul on these two New Hampshire ads:

I know that these ads look cheap and are kinda hokey, but I really like them. They fit perfectly with the image his is crafting, focusing on issues not glitz. In the face of ads run by an actor, a New Yorker, a guy who is more even polished than the actor, and a national celebrity who made a cameo in "Wedding Crashers", ads that look like they were shot with a personal camcorder might be exactly the trick. The first ad especially reminds me of those run by Paul Wellstone in his first race and Ned Lamont in his primary.

Finally, there's this Edwards ad. As Marc Ambinder says, "This is one of those ads you'll either love or hate. Too maudlin? Pitch-perfect?"

I think it's great. This is a DEMOCRATIC primary, after all.

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