Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Let's Play Pool

We've got 43 days until Iowa. Clearly, we need to start a pool soon. So, how do we want to do this?

Some things to consider:

Do we want to just pick Iowa first and make New Hampshire picks on Jan. 4th? Or should we pick all of the early states at once? What should we do for Feb. 5th?

Are we picking the winners? Top 3 in each state? Top 5?

Most importantly, what are the stakes?

1 comment:

Espo said...

I say we pick the top 4 in each state. We pick all of the early states, but are given the opportunity to "amend" our picks after each primary; at a cost, of course.

As for Feb. 5th, maybe we could pick who will take the majority of delegates?