Saturday, November 3, 2007

Just a Quick Observation

While many gripe about the state of our presidential primary system based on the unpredictability of this cycle, I for one think the 2004 cycle evidenced a far more substantial problem. Only two weeks passed from the date of the Iowa Caucuses until mini-Super Tuesday, when seven states (Arizona, Delaware, Missouri, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Carolina) effectively ended the race by voting overwhelmingly for Kerry (he won 5 states, while Clark won OK and Edwards won SC). After that date, Feb. 3 (the precursor to 2008's Feb. 5 date), the possibility of Edwards catching him was unthinkable. Effectively, the "voting stage" of the campaign lasted only two weeks and through only 9 states that make up less than 10% of the US population.

This time, the (meaningful) voting period is almost certain to extend to a full month since the Iowa caucuses have been forced to move up to the first days in January. To be exact, the Iowa Caucuses will now take place 33 days before the "national primary" on Feb. 5.

That sounds like the coolest 33 days ever.

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