Wednesday, March 26, 2008

House Overview, Pt. 2

I can't sleep, so here we go with part two, on the 33 open seat races.

The first group of open seat races is the Non-competitive ones, where one party is not seriously contesting the seat.

CA-52 (R+9, Hunter): The June 3rd GOP Primary will determine if Duncan Hunter, Jr., Santee City Councilman and minister Brian Jones, San Diego County Ed Board Prez Bob Watkins will be the next congressman from this GOP stronghold.

CO-2 (D+8, Udall): The August 12th primary will choose between former State Senate Prez Joan Fitz-Gerald (used to be a big DLCCer), openly gay former State Ed Board Chair Jared Polis., and State Conservation Trust Director Will Shafroth.

CO-6 (R+10, Tancredo): The August 12th GOP Primary will clear up a cluttered, and star-studded, GOP primary. The major contenders are Secretary of State Mike Coffman and Senatorial son Wil Armstrong.

ME-1 (D+6, Allen): Wow, is this a packed and uber-talented field. Seriously, take a look for yourself.

MD-4 (D+30, Wynn): Blogger favorite and Al Wynn slayer Donna Edwards will serve in the next Congress.

MS-3 (R+13, Pickering): Next Tuesday is primary day here, with a run-off between Club for Growth-endorsed State Sen. Charlie Ross, the favorite over Rankin County GOP Chair Gregg Harper.

NM-3 (D+6, Udall): This is a crowded primary field, but I'd guess it will come down to Don Wiviott (the Jim Pedersen of NM), and Ben Lujan, SPRCC chair and son of the House speaker.

NY-21 (D+9, McNulty): This primary is too crowded to make any intelligent judgments. I guess we'll find out in September who will represent this district in the next Congress.

OH-7 (R+6, Hobson): State Senate Majority Whip Steve Austria will represent my grandparents in the next Congress.

PA-5 (R+10, Peterson): Baptist Minister Keith Richardson and his bad-ass URL look to be leading this primary race, but we'll find out when that other Pennsylvania primary happens.

Note: With Al Wynn's announcement that he will retire in June, sparking a special election and giving Donna Edwards a head start on the incoming freshman class, MD-4 moves from this list to the special elections list. I would say Wynn is being a class act with this move, but he's really just lessening his waiting period before he can lobby.

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