Wednesday, December 5, 2007

McCain's Numbers Back Up in AZ, Clinton would Get Killed Here

On the subject of Rasmussen polls, see below, a new one out today shows McCain has gone a long way towards recovering his lofty favorable numbers. As the accompanying story lays out, McCain's numbers plummeted in June during the immigration debate and stayed down until now. In September, Rasmussen had a poll that showing Thompson, not McCain, as the best GOP candidate to win Arizona.

Well, that's all changed, according to this new poll. In June he had an fav-unfav of 47-51. Now, it's back to 63-35.

My interpretation? The media depicts him as struggling. Cynical voters (which I assume describes most of Arizona's electorate) assume that you have to be a pandering assbag to win the presidency. If McCain is losing, he must have gone back to his old straight-shooting self.

Clinton Can't Win Here; Except Maybe Against Romney

They ran three trial heats, pairing Clinton against McCain, Giuliani, and Romney (why not Huckabee, I don't know).

McCain kills her, 57%-34%. Giuliani holds a significant lead at 47%-38%. Even Romney, who typically trails Clinton badly in national polls, beats her by a 45%-41% score in AZ.

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