Thursday, October 25, 2007

Partisan Voting Indices for LDs

UPDATE: My PVI project is done. If anyone knows how to post a spreadsheet, I'd like to post the actual Prez results for each LD. Otherwise, I'll talk about these numbers sometime soon. Clearly, they need to be a big part of the backdrop behind any discussions of our efforts to take over the legislature.

Remember, PVIs between D+4 and R+4 generally indicate competitive districts.

Republican Districts (15)
LD1 R+8
LD3 R+13
LD4 R+13
LD5 R+14 (Jack Brown)
LD6 R+10
LD7 R+10
LD8 R+9
LD9 R+9
LD12 R+8
LD18 R+12
LD19 R+14
LD21 R+9
LD22 R+15
LD24 R+7 (all seats held by Dems)
LD30 R+7

Democratic Districts (9)
LD2 D+21
LD13 D+8
LD14 D+11
LD15 D+12
LD16 D+18
LD17 D+7
LD27 D+15
LD28 D+13
LD29 D+10

Swing Districts (6)
LD10 R+4 (Jackie Thrasher)
LD11 R+4 (Mark Anthony DeSimone)
LD20 R+3 (all seats held by GOP)
LD23 R+4 (all seats held by Dems)
LD25 R+1 (S-Arzberger & H-Alvarez)
LD26 R+4 (S-Pesquiera & H-Saradnik)


Espo said...

Oh my god. This is beautiful.

Espo said...

20 is big. As far as Republican districts go I think we can make progress in 30 if we field strong, dedicated candidates.