Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Results From "Values Voter" Debate Straw Poll

The voters were 340 delegates hand chosen by 40 social conservative leaders. They voted before and after the debate. Remember that the Big 4 candidates did not attend.


Huckabee 119
Paul 53
Thompson 52
Keyes 30
Brownback 26
Giuliani 16
Romney 14
McCain 13
Hunter 8
Tancredo 8
Cox 1

Post-Debate (change in parentheses)

Huckabee 219 (+100)
Paul 44 (-9)
Keyes 24 (-6)
Brownback 18 (-8)
Thompson 15 (-37)
Hunter 13 (+5)
Tancredo 7 (-1)
Giuliani 4 (-12)
Cox 2 (+1)
McCain 2 (-11)
Romney 0 (-14)

Per these results, the debate website, run by the American Family Association says that "America's largest voting block [is] united" behind Huckabee.


Espo said...

He's still the only candidate I'm afraid of.

Devin said...

What does the title of your blog mean anyway?

Espo said...

I can answer that! haha I'm pretty sure it's a reference to a Jay-Z song.

Alton Brooks Parker said...

Geoff wins.

Devin said...

I know, but why the reference? does it have some significance?

Alton Brooks Parker said...

It has no significance other than it's a really catchy song and it was stuck in my head when I made this blog. I couldn't think of anything else and the blog title may change some time.

Joaquin said...

Wow, that is a pretty stark consensus.

A) That is a really sweet debate format. Youth, Environmentalists, and even labor (CTW/AFL) could use it as a means of providing a combined force amongst disparate voices in the future.

B) I'd be super curious to know how much Huckabee's fiscally moderate past came up. If it did, that just goes to show you how forced the arranged marriage between Big Business and the Fundamentalist Right truly is.

Alton Brooks Parker said...

I'll be watching the whole debate this week. It was 3 hours long, so I'm not gonna watch it all at once. I'll let you know when I've seen it all.