Sunday, September 19, 2010

God I Can't Wait for NBA Jam

I'm going to bed in five minutes, but I thought I'd indulge my impatience for the new NBA Jam (Oct. 5 can't come soon enough). The two best things about this version of Jam are 1) you get to play as guys like Lebron, Nash, etc. and 2) you also get to play as legends like Bird & Magic (but sadly not Jordan).

Anyway, here are the Top Ten pairs of players I can't wait to play with:
  1. Heat - Lebron James & Dwyane Wade
  2. Sixers - Julius Erving & Allen Iverson
  3. Celtics - Larry Bird & Rajon Rondo
  4. Jazz - John Stockton & Karl Malone
  5. Magic - Shaquille O'Neal & Dwight Howard
  6. Knicks - Patrick Ewing & Amare Stoudamire
  7. Blazers - Clyde Drexler & Greg Oden
  8. Lakers - Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant
  9. Bulls - Scottie Pippen & Carlos Boozer
  10. Suns - Steve Nash & Kevin Johnson
So yeah, my law school career will be in serious jeopardy in a few weeks.

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