Thursday, May 21, 2009


The latest Public Policy Polling poll is a great exercise is masturbation. They test Obama against well-known potential opponents. Against Gingrich, Obama dominates, 53%-36%. But Gingrich is unpopular (30% fav, 47% unfav), you say, how might Obama fair against a stronger opponent? Well, he destroys Romney (40% fav, 36% unfav), 53%-35%, and Huckabee (44% fav, 32% unfav), 52%-39%. but these figures are each unknown to about 25% of poll respondents. What about someone with name ID comparable to Obama's? In that case, Obama crushes Palin (42%-50%), 56%-37%.

The 13-point win over Huckabee (Obama's smallest margin of victory) would represent the largest blow-out since Reagan's 18-point victory in 1984. The 19-point win over Palin would be the largest since Nixon's 23-point romp in 1972.

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seanbowie said...

Have I mentioned before how much I love Sarah Palin? Where can I sign up for her 2012 campaign?

While these numbers bode well for us at the moment, I would ideally like to see Obama have around 55-56% against all opponents. His approval rating is in the low 60's on average, and it seems to be that he should, at least in theory, be doing a little bit better overall.

But I'm just being greedy.