Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tonight, We Have a Winner

I'm talking about Jonathan Cooper, winner of our primary picks pool, of course. Since not everybody sent in picks for these final primaries, and everyone who did made the same picks, and everyone who didn't almost certainly would've done so as well, I see no point in delaying this any further.

Everybody owes JJ $20. Pay up suckers. (Hey, I'm not a ...).

Maybe we can do this again for the General. I'm think we make picks on individual swing states, Senate races, Gov races, and maybe even close House races. Hell, why stop there, we could even add AZ Leg races. And rather than have one big pool, we could each bet like $10 on every category, so we can have multiple winners and, correspondingly fewer outright losers.


Jonathan Cooper said...

Pay up bitches! I accept checks or cash :)

I'm more than down for a general election pool....but I wouldn't be surprised if everyone else wants to wait till these losses settle before they commit :)

clark said...

I'm totally down for the general with as many categories as possible... just no betting on County Sups

Espo said...

I'm taking this to Denver! The rules were unfair! They disproportionately favored the red-headed!

Matt said...

lets do general election in states that are leaning one way or the other and those that are toss ups. Using something like this:

Base Obama: CA, CT, DE, DC, HI, IL, MD, MA, NY, RI, VT (153 electoral votes)
Lean Obama: ME, NJ, MN, OR, WA (47 votes)
Toss-up: CO, FL, IA, MI, NV, NM, NH, OH, PA, VA, WI (138 votes)
Lean McCain: AR, GA, IN, LA, MS, MO, MT, NE, NC, ND (84 votes)
Base McCain: AL, AK, AZ, ID, KS, KY, OK, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, WV, WY (116 votes)
[from msnbc]

also jj is there some way i can get you my check, will you stop by joaquin and my house to take our money some time?

Matt said...

For reference and discussion, I created these two maps using the guidelines from Chuck Todd, and I took the latest poll/average from pollster.com to decide the toss up states.

Swing states (assigned base & leaning states to Obama and McCain)

General Election (using polling data to assign toss up states)