Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This Is How It Should Be

This tickles my republican heart. Man, I love open dialogue between elected representatives.


Matt said...

While I think that debates like this are on the whole beneficial, I am still pretty skeptical.

When you get down to it, the whole premise of this "open dialog" is assuming that both sides want to get at the same goal. I reject this view. I think Republicans have significantly different priorities than Democrats. As the article mentions, I don't think Republicans want to protect entitlements (they want to create a system which privatizes them). I don't even think that Republicans share the VALUE of supporting seniors in their declining years. I think Republicans want to return to an era where seniors must fend for themselves, and hopefully they made smart choices when they were younger. So does it make any sense for these people to come to some kind of bargaining table on this issue? No- but if nothing else at least it can be helpful at revealing the inner motives of these representatives.

Espo said...

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